stem and leaf display

stem and leaf display
= stem and leaf plot; stem and leaf diagram
French\ \ branche à feuilles; BàF; diagramme stem and leaf; diagramme Tige-feuille
German\ \ Stamm-und-Blätter-Darstellung; Stamm-und-Blätter-Plot; Stamm-und-Blätter-Diagramm
Dutch\ \ blad-en-steel-diagram; tak-en-blad-diagram
Italian\ \ staminali e trama foglia; fusto e foglia diagramma
Spanish\ \ diagrama de tallos y hojas
Catalan\ \ -
Portuguese\ \ diagrama de caule-e-folhas; diagrama de ramo-e-folhas (bra)
Romanian\ \ -
Danish\ \ -
Norwegian\ \ -
Swedish\ \ stam-och-blad-diagram
Greek\ \ διάγραμμα μίσχου-φύλου
Finnish\ \ lehti-ruoti-kuvio
Hungarian\ \ leveles ág bemutatás
Turkish\ \ gövde-yaprak gösterimi; gövde-yaprak çiziti; gövde-yaprak diyagramı
Estonian\ \ arvdiagramm; tüvi-leht-diagramm
Lithuanian\ \ stiebo ir lapų grafikas
Slovenian\ \ histogram s številkami
Polish\ \ wykres łodygowo-liściowy
Russian\ \ диаграмма "ствол с листьями"
Ukrainian\ \ діаграма стовбур і листя
Serbian\ \ -
Icelandic\ \ stafa og blaða sýna; stafa og blaða söguþræði; stafa og blaða skýringarmynd
Euskara\ \ zurtoin eta hostozko diagrama
Farsi\ \ -
Persian-Farsi\ \ نمايش ساقه و برگ
Arabic\ \ عرض الساق والورقة ؛ قطعة الساق والورقة ؛ رسم او شكل الساق والورقة
Afrikaans\ \ stingel-en-blaar-voorstelling
Chinese\ \ 茶 叶 显 示
Korean\ \ 줄기-잎 전시[그림]

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